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Leap EDU is now providing school exams online. 

Students must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Students must schedule a testing appointment a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  2. Students must present a copy of their Driver License or State-Issued ID upon entering the virtual testing room
  3. After selecting a time slot, an email confirmation is sent to the student. The email will contain a link to the online testing room.
  4. Students must arrive on time for their appointment. Time slots are 2 hours total: 15 minutes allotted for check-in procedures and 105 minutes for testing. 
    1. Tardiness is counted towards your allotted time. (I.E. Test begins at 10 AM. The student arrives at 10:20 AM. The student will now forfeit 20 minutes of testing and is only allowed 85 minutes of testing time.) 
    2. No More than 20 Minutes tardiness allowed. After 20 minutes, the student will receive an automatic fail and will have to reschedule the test.
      1. Pass & Pay Students will have to pay $25 per each exam attempt if they forfeit an exam attempt due to tardiness.
      2. Hofstra Pride package students will forfeit one (1) of the three (3) attempts included in the package.
  5. Check-in procedures:
    1. Students must hold up their Driver License or state-issued ID to the proctor to confirm their identity
    2. Students must find a quiet room with a strong internet connection. 
    3. The room must not have any open textbooks, notes, or any other reading material out in the open.
    4. Cell phones or other electronic devices  (except the computer being used to take the exam) are not allowed to be accessible during the exam. 
    5. Students must turn on their camera and show a full 3-dimensional view of their room prior to starting the exam. 
    6. Students must share their screen with the proctor. Any navigation to sites other than the testing platform during testing is forbidden.